New Year, New Blog

As dumb as it may seem, every year I make a fresh list of New Years Resolutions. When I was younger, there were about twenty of them—way more than my tiny brain could keep up with. I’m older now (though still with a tiny brain), so this year I only have one: start a blog. And here I am, on the second day of the year, doing it!

I’m sort of technically impaired, as you can probably tell from the state of this website. I also have practically no idea of where to start (story of my life). Since I had no clear vision, I decided to make this blog about anything and everything that randomly finds its way into my mind, hence the title. One day I might share with you my favorite songs, the next a quote, and maybe even a description of some weirdo I saw on the subway. Who knows? And, to keep it interesting, I might even offer some – gasp – writing advice.

Sound interesting? You can even subscribe to this using the little widget-thingy. Once I finally figure out how to set it up, that is.

Adios, amigos! And happy new year!

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