Potterheads, This One’s For You

That’s all, folks. The Harry Potter series has drawn to a close, one which (I thought, at least) did justice to the book and to the characters. I would know, because I have now seen the movie twice– once in New York and once in Ohio. It made me laugh, and it made me cry, like any good movie should do. I cheered for Harry and shuddered at Voldemort. (really, how creepy is it that he has no nose?) Needless to say: go. see. it.

It seems like the question everybody wants to know the answer to is “Who’s your favorite character?” The obvious thing for me to say in response to this would be Hermione, and, yes, I do see a lot of myself in her. By the way, my favorite Hermione line, and one that I can almost hear myself saying, is “You could have gotten us killed! Or worse, expelled!” Classic.

Anyway, my favorite character is actually Draco Malfoy. Why do I like Harry’s Number 2 enemy, you ask? He’s torn between what he knows is the right thing to do, and what his parents want. His struggle is more evident in the books than in the movies, though, which dissapointed me.

A close second would be Severus Snape, but if I say why I’ll spoil the movie, so go see it yourself! After that… probably Ron Weasley. He’s hilarious.

Happy movie-watching, Potterheads!

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I’m Baaaaack!

That’s right, people, the slightly crazy teenager is back on the blogosphere bandwagon! I stopped this blog before because I had basically zero readers. Actually, I probably still don’t have any readers, but whatevs. This blog is for my (and your, if anybody is reading this) entertainment, not for a feature in Teen Vogue. Although, that would be awesome… But that’s beside the point.

How did this little blog of mine start up again, you ask? I had thought of doing it again for a while, but I couldn’t find any good ideas. Then, I began writing in my journal, and I realized that the entry was starting to sound a LOT like a blog post. So, I made it into one, which I will publish in a few days. First, though, I just wanted to introduce you old timers and new readers to the blog. 🙂

I hope all of you very few people enjoy the blog, and remember to comment below or email me at slightlycrazyteenager@yahoo.com.

The Biebs!

Because I am a teenage girl, it was pretty much inevitable that I would end up writing a post about Justin Bieber. I figured that there was no better day to do so than on his birthday (mind you, I only know that it is his birthday from some extremely obsessed friends). It seems like when it comes to The Biebs, there are two groups: those who want him to be “slowly dipped in acid,” as professed by the Facebook page, and those who think that one day, they will be Mrs. Bieber and as a result, have all of his likes, dislikes, and personality traits memorized. This confuses me. Why are there only two options, both extremes? Can’t I like some of his songs, but not others? Can’t I sort of like him, but not have his face plastered on every single surface and fabric? Or is Justin Bieber like orange marmalade– one of those things that you either love, or hate? To help me on this endevour, I have another poll for you.


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Help Me to Decide!

Hey there, readers of my little blog! So, I’m not really sure what the bulk of my readers are interested in. I thought I’d make a little poll so I could find out. Please answer honestly. I will use these results to decide where I’ll go with this little blog. Thanks!

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Reading Lists

To all you teenagers (and teenagers at heart) out there, I wanted to share with you a list I found. It’s called the “Ultimate Teen Reading List”, although quite a few of the books listed appeal more to girls– such as Sarah Dessen books or the Twilight series. There’s also a link to the PDF version on the page, in case you want to print it out. There are 300 titles on the list, of which I have sadly only read about 30, but, hey, I’ve got a while to go! The link:


Also, for all you super ambitious readers out there, I found a list of “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.” This one’s a tough feat, but definitely possible! If you read about one of these a week starting at age 15, you would finish the list at around age 35 (a long time, but hey, they’re good books, right?) The link:


Check out both of these lists and tell me what you think!


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An Apology and an Invitation

Let me preface this post by apologizing to all of you, my readers. I haven’t posted in a VERY long time, and I’m sorry. 😦

This post isn’t really a post, per se, more an invitation for discussion.

My questions for you are:What would you like to read about? What do you like? What can I improve?

Please comment with your thoughts. Thanks!

P.S. I promise I’ll make another post within the week (and a real one this time)

Pet Peeves

Everybody has a pet peeve. The one annoying thing that irks them more than any other. I have a few, and I thought I’d share them with you today.

Pet Peeve #1: Bumpy Fingers
Okay, the title sounds weird, but let me explain. I HATE when I rub my fingers together, and they’re not smooth. Not like I’ll freak if I have a scab or something. More like… you know when your fingers get all pruny and stuff? It’s things like that which make me shudder.

Pet Peeve #2: Bad Radio Karaoke
I’m willing to bet that most of you share this pet peeve. Your just sitting there, perhaps in the car, perhaps not, listening to one of your favorite songs. Then all of a sudden, some terrible singer starts singing right along, maybe even LOUDER than the actual song. I want to hear the artist sing it. Not you.

Pet Peeve #3: Reading Over Shoulders
Don’t you just hate it when your trying to look at your Facebook news feed, read a book, type an email, text, or even write a blog post and somebody’s just standing there, watching you? It’s annoying when my little brother does it, but just plain creepy when a stranger does. I’m like “Yessss?”

Pet Peeve #4: Stupid Questions/People
This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. Some people are just plain STUPID, and it sort of makes me want to strangle them. Not that I would ever actually do that, of course…

Pet Peeve #5: Is it an iPod or a Radio?
It’s super annoying when somebody doesn’t realize that they make earbuds for a reason. Sometimes I wonder how people with this annoying habit still have functional eardrums.

Pet Peeve #6: Having to Repeat Myself
I hate it when I explain something, and then five seconds later somebody asks me a question about what I just said. Pay attention, people!

There they are!!! Comment if you will, like, rate, or tell your friends, and don’t forget to email for notifications whenever I make a new post 🙂

Writer’s Advice– Character Development

As promised, today I thought I’d offer some writing advice, beginning with a quote (you know how I love them!)

“The part of writing I love most is when I achieve a feeling of deep involvement with a character. It never happens right away. I have to spend a lot of time with a character before I feel that union. I know it has happened when I stop telling my character what to do and she starts telling me.” ~Ann Brashares~

So, with regards to the wonderful quote above, my advice is this: Don’t let the plot take over your story. A story could be as simple as someone’s walk to school, but when the reader really cares about that someone, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Thanks, readers!

Quote of the Day

I love quotes. My bedroom wall is covered in them. Why do I like them so much? There’s something really amazing about the fact that something you or I could say, completely unscripted, could be such an influence on somebody else. So, today I thought I’d share with you one of my favorites.

“I can’t even enjoy a blade of grass unless I know there’s a subway handy, or a record store, or some other sign that people do not totally regret life.” ~Frank O’Hara~

Deep, huh? That’s the power of words!

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Chicken Music for the Soul

Music really is amazing. So, I decided to share with you my current favorites. Some are popular, some maybe aren’t as much, but all are amazing, and I hope you’ll give ’em a shot!

Dog Days Are Over
by: Florence and the Machine
I fell in love with this song from the moment I first heard it. The beat is SO catchy, I literally cannot sit still when I’m listening to it.

Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
by: B.o.B
I can’t stand the chorus (sorry, Rivers!) but B.o.B delivers some seriously amazing rap skills on the verse.

Today Was a Fairytale
by: Taylor Swift
I love Taylor, I love the movie this appears in (Valentine’s Day—watch it!), and I LOVE this song.

The Scientist
by: Coldplay
This song almost brought me to tears. It’s super emotional, without being overly sappy. Perfect!

by: Taylor Swift
If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. This song does it all: it tells a story, gives great advice, and makes you sing along.

Breathe (2 AM)
by: Anna Nalick
This is one of those songs that you hear on the radio all the time, but never really pay attention to. I ask you to reconsider with this one. The lyrics are astounding.

by: EMF
It’s an oldie, yes. But definitely a goodie. It also happens to be the perfect air-band song. Go ahead, try it. You know you want to.

I Am Not a Robot
by: Marina & the Diamonds
This song is quirky, fun, and to the point, but I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard it (I discovered it when it was the freebie of the week on iTunes). Remedy that, will you?

What I’ve Done
by: Linkin Park
This is a song about learning how to forgive yourself, with an extremely catchy beat to boot.

by: Coldplay
I’m willing to bet that you don’t recognize the title, but I’m also willing to bet that if I played it for you, you’d know it immediately.

Well, there you go. Disagree with me on my choices if you will, but know that you’re wrong 🙂

Later, alligators!

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