A Word to the Wise

Today, readers, I present to you a tidbit of advice. Never start a conversation by saying “You know, it’s weird, but some people…” It never ends well. Ever.
I have done this precisely three times, and each time I have been presented with an extremely awkward moment.

The first time I make this horrible mistake, I was at my friend’s house. I said to her, “You know, it’s weird, but some people shave their arms.” I then looked down to see her self-consciously rubbing her freshly shaved limbs.

The second time, I was at a party of some sort, talking to a family friend. I said, “You know, it’s weird, but some people have like a thousand Facebook friends.” She nodded and said “hmm.” I later looked at her Facebook profile. She had over two thousand friends.

The third and final time I was this idiotic, I was having a conversation, and it was at a standstill. Trying to prevent an awkward moment, I said “You know, it’s weird, but some people don’t like chocolate.” Guess who didn’t like chocolate? Mhm.

Take my advice, people! These seven simple words are NEVER a good conversation starter, and will ALWAYS create an awkward moment. Be aware, and use caution!

(To those unfortunate people whom I used this phrase on: forgive me.)

Ever used this awkward phrase? Comment below!

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