Beachy Keen! (I’m so punny)

Here I am, sitting on the beach, writing a blog post. The beach is amazing, but living about 45 minutes away from it makes me less appreciative of it than I once was, or that I probably should be.

I used to sit in the car for HOURS, sometimes even days, impatiently waiting for us to arrive. When we were about 15 minutes away, I would roll down my window and smell the salty air. As soon as we got there, my brother and I scrambled out of the car, haphazardly threw on our bathing suits, and raced into the ocean. Now, I walk slowly out of the car, plop into a chair and sit there for a while, like I’m doing now.

I used to marvel at how huge the ocean was, but now I barely even pay attention to its size, because I see it so often. Also, I’m not worried about the ocean swallowing me whole, now that I’m older, and the waves don’t knock me down nearly as much as they used to.

I used to live for the boogie boarding, the jumping, the diving in and out of waves. Now I’m content to only wade in a few feet. And, honestly, I’d rather be at the pool.

Got any feelings about the beach? Comment below!