Potterheads, This One’s For You

That’s all, folks. The Harry Potter series has drawn to a close, one which (I thought, at least) did justice to the book and to the characters. I would know, because I have now seen the movie twice– once in New York and once in Ohio. It made me laugh, and it made me cry, like any good movie should do. I cheered for Harry and shuddered at Voldemort. (really, how creepy is it that he has no nose?) Needless to say: go. see. it.

It seems like the question everybody wants to know the answer to is “Who’s your favorite character?” The obvious thing for me to say in response to this would be Hermione, and, yes, I do see a lot of myself in her. By the way, my favorite Hermione line, and one that I can almost hear myself saying, is “You could have gotten us killed! Or worse, expelled!” Classic.

Anyway, my favorite character is actually Draco Malfoy. Why do I like Harry’s Number 2 enemy, you ask? He’s torn between what he knows is the right thing to do, and what his parents want. His struggle is more evident in the books than in the movies, though, which dissapointed me.

A close second would be Severus Snape, but if I say why I’ll spoil the movie, so go see it yourself! After that… probably Ron Weasley. He’s hilarious.

Happy movie-watching, Potterheads!

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