I’m Baaaaack!

That’s right, people, the slightly crazy teenager is back on the blogosphere bandwagon! I stopped this blog before because I had basically zero readers. Actually, I probably still don’t have any readers, but whatevs. This blog is for my (and your, if anybody is reading this) entertainment, not for a feature in Teen Vogue. Although, that would be awesome… But that’s beside the point.

How did this little blog of mine start up again, you ask? I had thought of doing it again for a while, but I couldn’t find any good ideas. Then, I began writing in my journal, and I realized that the entry was starting to sound a LOT like a blog post. So, I made it into one, which I will publish in a few days. First, though, I just wanted to introduce you old timers and new readers to the blog. 🙂

I hope all of you very few people enjoy the blog, and remember to comment below or email me at slightlycrazyteenager@yahoo.com.

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