Pet Peeves

Everybody has a pet peeve. The one annoying thing that irks them more than any other. I have a few, and I thought I’d share them with you today.

Pet Peeve #1: Bumpy Fingers
Okay, the title sounds weird, but let me explain. I HATE when I rub my fingers together, and they’re not smooth. Not like I’ll freak if I have a scab or something. More like… you know when your fingers get all pruny and stuff? It’s things like that which make me shudder.

Pet Peeve #2: Bad Radio Karaoke
I’m willing to bet that most of you share this pet peeve. Your just sitting there, perhaps in the car, perhaps not, listening to one of your favorite songs. Then all of a sudden, some terrible singer starts singing right along, maybe even LOUDER than the actual song. I want to hear the artist sing it. Not you.

Pet Peeve #3: Reading Over Shoulders
Don’t you just hate it when your trying to look at your Facebook news feed, read a book, type an email, text, or even write a blog post and somebody’s just standing there, watching you? It’s annoying when my little brother does it, but just plain creepy when a stranger does. I’m like “Yessss?”

Pet Peeve #4: Stupid Questions/People
This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. Some people are just plain STUPID, and it sort of makes me want to strangle them. Not that I would ever actually do that, of course…

Pet Peeve #5: Is it an iPod or a Radio?
It’s super annoying when somebody doesn’t realize that they make earbuds for a reason. Sometimes I wonder how people with this annoying habit still have functional eardrums.

Pet Peeve #6: Having to Repeat Myself
I hate it when I explain something, and then five seconds later somebody asks me a question about what I just said. Pay attention, people!

There they are!!! Comment if you will, like, rate, or tell your friends, and don’t forget to email for notifications whenever I make a new post 🙂

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  1. Taylor
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 11:28:53



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